Rushing Women’s Syndrome

Rushing Women’s Syndrome

Rushing Women’s Syndrome 350 233 Sarah Rutherford

If you can tick more than 5 of the below you could be suffering from Rushing Women’s Syndrome:-

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  • Coffee is a daily fix
  • Just swallow food rather than chewing it
  • Short-term memory is poor
  • Feeling of not enough hours in the day
  • You can’t sit down unless you are beyond tired
  • Suffer with bloated stomach and digestive problems
  • Sleep is compromised to get jobs done late at night
  • Always irritable
  • “Me time” is a luxury you can never afford
  • Rarely ask for help

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  • Take your phone everywhere, even the toilet
  • Rarely notice special moments
  • Can’t remember the last time you really laughed
  • Always look for more ways to be loved or praised
  • Take short shallow breaths
  • Constantly feel guilty
  • You bark “so busy” or “stressed” far too often when people simply ask how you are
  • Find it difficult to switch off without wine

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This is now a real syndrome which is affecting a lot of women of all ages. The psychological and biochemical damage caused by a life of stress is nothing new, but this syndrome is new.

business lady2We don’t have the time to shop and prepare regular well balanced healthy meals. We bolt down our food, so the body has no time to fully prepare the stomach acid and digestive enzymes required to digest our food properly. We feel bloated and can’t shift those excess pounds or actually taste and saviour the food on our plates. How did we come to be in this state? In the past 20 years with the advent of the internet and mobile phones we are on call 24/7. There is now no real down time. We work longer hours, whilst maintaining all the domestic duties at home. We are doing a double shift of work and it’s taking its toll. A prolonged chemical cascade of stress hormones is increasing our susceptibility to depression, anxiety, infertility, digestive disorders, high blood pressure and obesity to name but a few. We’re tired but wired and constantly on alert. Existing in the ‘fight or flight’ state for too long means we suffer on every level. We store body fat, sleep poorly, suffer with tense muscles, hair thins and skin problems flare up and yes our libido goes out the window too!

When we are under constant stress, messages are sent to the pituitary gland that fires off the sympathetic nervous system and all the necessary hormones, so we are ready for ‘fight or flight’. All of the body’s glands and systems that are involved in producing the ‘fight or flight’ effect, can be rebalanced and supported through regular reflexology treatments. You can also make some lifestyle changes, which can include revising your nutritional intake, meditation, take regular exercise that you enjoy, having an honest conversation with yourself about alcohol and caffeine intake, putting some me time aside each day (even just 10 mins). Simply just by saying NO occasionally can actually be an act of kindness for all and it could make you a lot nicer person to be around!