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The Treatment

Your first session will last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes so that a detailed medical and lifestyle history can be taken. The information gathered will then enable me to tailor the treatment to suit your specific needs. Once this is complete you can lie back in comfort, relax and enjoy your treatment. Some clients like to chat whilst others take the opportunity to close their eyes and drift off somewhere nice. After your first session each appointment will last for 1 hour. View my ‘treatment prices‘ page.

What you might experience during the session

Clients may experience a variety of physical and emotional reactions as a result of the treatment ranging from tiredness to feeling emotional, from ‘light-headedness’ to laughing. Some may experience a feeling of warmth and sense of energy moving from the reflex point to the specific body area or organ. Others may experience momentary discomfort as congested areas are stimulated, followed by a sense of total relaxation.

What happens at the end of the treatment?

It is important that you feel that you have had time to yourself during your treatment and that you do not feel rushed. Take time to bring yourself back into the moment and orientate yourself. Drink plenty of water over the next few hours and rest as much as possible. You may experience some subtle reactions in the following 24 – 48 hours; these are positive signs that your body is starting the healing process and attempting to return to a state of balance.

Possible healing reactions may include:

  • Tiredness
  • Increased urination/bowel movements
  • Feeling emotional or tearful
  • Mild flu-like symptoms
  • Headache.

If you do have any questions or concerns after your treatment please feel free to call me.

The number of sessions

This is entirely dependant on your body’s needs and varies by client. It is important to remember that the changes experienced are subtle and cumulative and so regular sessions may provide you with greater benefits. An initial treatment plan of between 4 and 6 sessions may be recommended to allow your body to react and begin the healing process. After this you may then wish to come for “top up” treatments.