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Reflexology Treatments in Chippenham
Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) 300 300 Sarah Rutherford

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

What is RLD RLD is a protocol that was formalised back in 2010 by Sally Kay BSc (Hons). It is a specific reflexology technique that focuses on the Lymphatic system.…

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New Treatment Room 1024 768 Sarah Rutherford

New Treatment Room

Sarah’s Reflexology clinic at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre has moved from Chippenham to Corsham. Come and enjoy your treatment in a lovely new setting that is guaranteed to calm and…

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Perfect gift for Mothers Day – Sunday 6th March 800 394 Sarah Rutherford

Perfect gift for Mothers Day – Sunday 6th March

Why not treat your Mum to a wonderfully relaxing Reflexology treatment. For an extra special treat try a ‘Deluxe treatment’ includes a warming foot soak, exfoliation and a longer closing…

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A Good Night’s Sleep………How Well Do You Sleep? 253 220 Sarah Rutherford

A Good Night’s Sleep………How Well Do You Sleep?

People who get less than seven hours of sleep each night are said to be four times more likely to suffer a stroke than those who regularly get a good night’s…

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Reflexology Gift Vouchers for Christmas 720 450 Sarah Rutherford

Reflexology Gift Vouchers for Christmas

Why not treat someone special to a Relaxing….Restoring….Rebalancing Reflexology treatment A perfect gift to positively start off the New Year! Contact Sarah on 07831 616708 or visit for further information  

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PTSD: Resetting the Body through Reflexology 500 473 Sarah Rutherford

PTSD: Resetting the Body through Reflexology

  Everyday life experiences can create sustained stress. Daily and sustained stress disrupts physiological and energetic processes at a cellular level, leading to many health complaints. The main difference between…

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Winters coming! 720 450 Sarah Rutherford

Winters coming!

Banish those winter blues with a Relaxing… Restoring… Rebalancing Reflexology treatment. Look after yourself this coming winter. What better way to give your mind and body a much needed boost.…

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Feeling constantly tired? 250 189 Sarah Rutherford

Feeling constantly tired?

It may not be as simple as getting too little sleep. Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration may be the reason why you feel so lethargic. As we become dehydrated,…

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Reflexology for runners 720 450 Sarah Rutherford

Reflexology for runners

Reflexology aims to reduce the effects of stress and tension in the body, thereby aiding recovery and muscle repair and helping to moderate fatigue and soreness. One of the results…

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Reflexology during pregnancy 378 250 Sarah Rutherford

Reflexology during pregnancy

  Having a baby, whether or not it is your first, will bring you plenty of wonderful experiences and new challenges. Reflexology can be of great support and benefit to…

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