What is middle age and can reflexology improve our wellbeing during this phase?

Definition – Middle age is the period in your life when you are no longer young but have not yet become old. It is usually considered to take place between the ages of 40 and 60.
Middle age is a situation, a natural part of life and is about one’s attitude to this time in life. It doesn’t happen overnight, but is a slow shift, and this transition can often prove to be more challenging for some than others. This journey can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and requires a great deal of understanding and patience. It is not an illness, but can makes us ill to some degree if we don’t positively embrace this period and take care of ourselves on a regular basis.
How can reflexology impact the middle aged and what are the benefits to this age group during their transition?
In today’s society, a great deal of pressure is placed on youth; how we are judged on our looks and youthfulness. These pressures place enormous strain on us and can leave us feeling vulnerable, unhappy, depressed, resentful, undervalued and consequently with a certain loss of identity. These negative feelings can create a myriad of other health problems, making us miserable – when in fact we should be enjoying this time. A deep imbalance can occur within us which requires rebalancing and this is where reflexology can be extremely helpful and beneficial in replenishing and restoring the mind, body and spirit. When working with this age group, almost always, both adrenal reflexes appear tired and congested, as do the reflexes of the thyroid and pituitary. During this time of life many women will either be going through perimenopause or menopause and this will show up in the endocrine reflexes. Hormonal imbalances affect men as well as women during this period.
Transitioning into middle age certainly does have its challenges, affecting us in so many different ways, but if we can learn to make it our friend, rather than foe, it makes the journey easier. Reflexology works on the ‘whole’ person, and is a wonderful way of experiencing the incredible power of healing touch.