The Power of the Healing Mind during a Reflexology Session

The Power of the Healing Mind during a Reflexology Session

The Power of the Healing Mind during a Reflexology Session 400 400 Sarah Rutherford

Reflexology can induce deep feelings of relaxation. This means that the subconscious part of the brain (the part that is engaged with the imagination, memory and emotion) is more engaged and responsive, as the conscious side (associated with logic and analysis) becomes relaxed and dormant, creating a perfect platform for the healing experience to be begin.

Therefore, during a session it is an ideal opportunity to imagine yourself in your favourite place where you feel safe, secure and at peace. Fill your mind with pleasant experiences you have had and the positive feeling you felt at that time. Remember the last time you felt really happy, it may have been yesterday or it may have been many years ago. This doesn’t matter, it’s all about accessing these positive memories which are stored in our cellular memory and bringing them to the fore, especially when we are feeling low, overwhelmed and sad.

Different people imagine in different ways. Some have more of a visual imagination, where others will sense and feel. So the use of the word ‘imagine’ is open for people to decide which way works best.

Athletes and many other professions use visualisation to rehearse and enhance their performance. We are still learning to map the brain and only just beginning to understand the link between the mind and body. However, the evidence so far is quite compelling!

When we use our imagination positively and we begin to feel the positive sensations that are produced, it is then easier to let go of the negative patterns we so often fall into. We begin to feel better and in turn begin to cope better and are in a stronger position to look after ourselves. So enhance your next reflexology session with some positive visualisation and experience the healing effects.